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Car Servicing


Robbings Motors provide high quality car servicing up to 50% cheaper than a main dealer.

All services include quality, manufacturer approved parts and the correct grade of oil to

protect your vehicle warranty.

Booking your service is easy, whether you require a full or interim service simply call us

on 01895 432 853 or book in online. Just complete your details and choose a date and

time that suits you.


To see what items are included in your service option view our Service Menu

Interim Service

Interim Services are recommended for vehicles that do high mileage to help maintain

reliability between your Full Service schedule. An Interim Service can pick up component

wearing issues before they cause a problem. Regular servicing can also help your vehicle

run more economically.

This comprehensive service includes the replacement of engine oil and filter along with

the topping up of many essential fluids and safety checks.

Interim Car Service Schedule
An Interim Car Service involves over 35 checks being carried out on your vehicle and

replacement of key components if required.

Checks include:

  • Replace engine oil

  • Replace oil filter

  • Check tyre wear

  • Check tyre pressure

  • Exhaust check

  • Brake fluid check & top up if necessary

  • Handbrake check










A Full Service is a comprehensive series of checks to ensure that your vehicle performs

to its optimum level.

We carry out over 50 detailed checks, covering every part of the vehicle, including all item

in the interim service, plus the inspection of:

  • Engine

  • Gearbox mountings

  • Clutch operation

  • Alternator charging rate

  •  Power steering components

  • Braking system



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All the garages in TRUST MY

GARAGE are members of the

RMI - one of Britain's oldest

motor trade organisations. RMI

members are true professionals

complying with a strict code of

practice. By using a member of

TRUST MY GARAGE you will also

have the benefit of the RMI






Cambelts are an essential part

of your vehicle and failure can

result in serious damage to

your engine. Cambelts naturally

wear and not replacing them at

the recommended interval could

land you with a huge repair bill.



Arrange an inspection today to

find out the condition of your

timing belt by calling Robbings

Motors on 01895 432 853


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